Saturday, November 5, 2016

Our next event at Epping is on the 9th November and is an Evening of Spiritual Communication with Angie Macleod.  Starts at 7.30 and entrance is £4.  We are at Woodford Spiritual Church on 13th November with a workshop entitled "Working with Magic of the Angels", see their website     ( ). This is where we hold are weekly awareness circle which is held every week at 7.suggest30. Although having said this we are hoping that from 2017 we can arrange to hold it on the Tuesday and also run a closed circle.  The idea is that we can then suggest they move to Sharon Law's open circle  and from there back into our closed circle.  We all have great hopes this is possible.  Then on the 26th November we will be holding a one day workshop " First Steps in Trance" led by Daniel Naughnane and assisted by myself. The following day we will be taking the evening service at Stockwell Church ( We are still looking for a permanent venue for the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary or at least another venue where we can do larger events.  We have lots of new ideas buzzing around and need to get them underway.  We are looking at Ware or the surrounds and if anyone knows of any locations in that area please message me.  Equally if you can think of any fund raising ideas we would be grateful.  I seem to be able to do fund raisers for others and equally promote them, but when it comes to ourselves it seems a wee bit egoistic. We have lots of fun things knitted and crochet so please consider buy one for a present in the coming season as all profits go into the sanctuary to help fund it.  What we would really like is a low lying building with out houses to hold circle and workshops.  Many more ideas for fund raising and lots of ideas for new workshops.  Next I want to announce that our event on the 10th of December is almost complete and workshops planned are with Martin Jones, Liz Gale, Alex CamiesPat McNally plus Questions and answers sessions with Alfred Hunt and Alan Albiston.  Amar Singh from the Amar's Crystal Cave will be there again with a selection of his beautiful crystals plus various readers including Sharon Law, Sam Prigmore and Dee Dee.  Sam Prigmore and Katalin Catherine Jones on the healing side and a free raffle.  Teas, Coffees, Herbal Teas will be available all day for a small donation.  Readings and therapies extra. For more details email  or ring us on  07767 137377

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