Thursday, August 21, 2014

Matisse and yet it isn't

Now a little update on our blog - firstly don't forget this coming Saturday 23rd August starting at 11 am is a workshop with Alan Albiston "The Magic of Nature Worship" an excellent tutor and a great workshop at Woodford Spiritualist Church (  We will be attending this too and don't forget to bring a packed lunch.  Again I am adding some of the wonderful pictures done at the recent workshops and I hope this is the start of many peoples continuing creative journey whilst linking into spirit. The remarkable picture on the right is so Matisse and the lady concerned who executed it has no idea of who Matisse was and this other little picture below is one of the encaustic wax picture and I will try and show you other works by these students during the next month.  It so exciting seeing the different guides working with them and seeing this transferred to paper whether in picture form of by words of inspiration.  I came upon this piece penned at one of the workshops in 1998 by Denise Williams who I since have unfortunately lost contact with and take great pleasure in sharing it with you.
Love is considering and caring for all living things,                       
It support and bring them for whatever life brings,
Love is a special look that comes from contentment within,
It is the tears of joy and pride of seeing someone that win.
Love is sharing and giving without expecting any reward,
It is letting others live their lives of their own accord,
Love can be expressed is so many ways people miss,
It is about giving the ones you care about a daily smile, hug and kiss.
If anyone is in contact with Denise we would love to her from her and our email is or ring us on 07927 288904.   Now to the next news and we are pleased to say that Barbara Barnes's event at the Barkantine Hall went very well and I think those attending it will agree that is Stacy Shepherd, Lorna Hunte, Daniel Naughnane, Coleen Rechere, Les Green and myself. Don't forget also that we will be doing two workshops there on the 31st August at 6,30 pm "Sensing and Seeing Auras" and " Colour in Intuition" on the 7th September again at 6.30 pm.  I am being to realise more and more there is a need for circles and those of you living near Woodford Spiritualist Church are very fortunate indeed as there are so many circles available to people for those teaching in the evening apart from ourselves with the awareness group are Susan Griffiths, Sharon Law, Shelley Joseph, Pat Murray and Leo Bonomo. I am constantly being asked if I know of any good circles and I can without hesitation recommend Maggie Jones who can be reached by email via myself.  As far as I know Maggie has both a trance and normal development circle running but you would have to check this yourselves with her. I do believe there is a need for more teaching and more awareness groups, circles and workshops.  On 21st September is "International Day of Peace" and I am hoping that you will all join me in the following idea by doing something nice for three people  that day and I may well extend mine into a weekly event as I feel if we all did this the world would be a nicer place.  It does not have to be something costly or grand as a simple smile is often a way of lightening someone's day.  Maybe a call overseas to someone or buy a bunch of flowers for the old lady across the road or maybe do some shopping.   Lets promote PEACE and bring an end to conflict.  One lady who always strives to bring this about is sixties icon Julie Felix who will be  in concert with other musicians and singers at "Charlton House" that day (telephone 0208 858 9497).  My contribution to that day will be a knitted gnome, a reading and a place on one of our workshops so if you want to be in with a chance of this please message me on the blog telling me why you would like which prize.  There is a comments box below. Don't forget our "Give a Gnome a Home" and also we now have owls profits of which go to furthering the cause of a sanctuary, which has moved a wee bit further forward.  More news of that when its concrete. 

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