Thursday, August 14, 2014

What a brilliant and interesting workshop last Tuesday as there were such interesting encaustic wax pictures produced and all so very different.  It was really exciting and I will be posting these and works done at the previous workshop over the next month or so.  It is so nice to be able to share the work done by students and exciting. Both awareness groups are now up and running.  Both are growing not at the speed of lightening but little by little.  The one at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( varies between 7 to 12 people and the one at Grove Park between 3 to 6, but its is early days for both.  The blend of people so far has been perfect and everyone is enjoying that they are learning and also adding to the group themselves.  We always say we learn as much from the students as they do from us.  So its Tuesday evening at Grove Park and Friday at Woodford.  The Tuesday group starts at 7.30 pm and the Friday group 7 pm.  We are also looking forward to the workshop with Alan Albiston on the 23rd August at Woodford Spiritualist Church, which starts at 11 am and please bring something of nature with you on the day. Don't forget we are at the Barkantine Hall in Westferry on Sunday doing readings at Barbara Barnes's Special starts at 6.30 but best to get there early as its very popular (Buses D3, D7 and 135 towards Crossharbour and Poplar pass by the door. For more information please ring 07927 288904 or email us at

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