Monday, August 11, 2014

What a lovely workshop yesterday. I was delighted at the result and on the right is just one of the pieces of spirit art produced. Each member of the group produced quite unique pieces and one certainly looked as if it was influenced by Matisse and I will publish this in a later post and let you reach your own conclusion.   This piece was produced from "Co-Create with Spirit", which takes place once a month at Woodford Spiritual Church (www.woodfordchurch)  on a Sunday and we would be delighted to have new participants who wish to take a plunge with spirit and inspirational art plus other forms of development. The next workshop in this series will be on the 14th September.  Tomorrow we have our "Intuitive Ways with a Sketchbook" and which starts at 1 pm and we will be playing around with encaustic waxes as we have had so many requests to do this again.   So if you fancy this please join us.  We are quite excited as on Wednesday we are going to see a new hall, which we are hoping will serve us for future workshops.  Our awareness group at Woodford is growing and it varies between 7 and 14 people but of course its hard to tell the final results as its the Summer holidays.  Again if you are interested in joining us it starts at 7 pm and I hasten to add we are a very friendly group.  On Sunday 17th we will be at the Island of Light in Westferry Road, Isle of Dogs E14 8JH doing readings at Barbara Barnes's Special.  As far as I know the mediums will be myself Patricia McNally, Daniel Naughnane, Coleen Rechere, Lorna Hunte and Les Green. We are still knitting like mad and giving readings to help fund our spiritual venture and we hope this hall is a step in the right direction. 

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