Monday, January 30, 2017

Firstly a request that you all join us in sending out positive love and light to all nations, people, animals and mother earth. We are going to do this every morning when we get up.  Imagine this band of unconditional love going around the planet bring peace and wellbeing to everyone and everything.  We have also set up a just giving site and although its lovely to get donations and even £1 will do the idea is to send the energy into the universe that we need a place to be and impart knowledge. We are also available for workshops, readings and of course are knitted and crochet items.  The gnomes are very popular and the last little fellow bought is now in New York.  We now have vacancies in our awareness group especially suited to beginners or those seeking knowledge, but all make welcome at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( so please just turn up only £3.  It is on a Tuesday evening and the same evening Sharon Law runs the her open circle.  So you can progress from the awareness group to the open circle and then if you feel so committed the closed circle. This coming Saturday we are at Wilmington and all the details on the post preceding this one.  I would also like to mention some workshops.  Firstly on the 12th February starting noon and finishing at 4 pm  "Empower your spiritual Journey" with Sharon Law.  On March the 11th Maggie Jones is doing a trance workshop at Battersea Spiritualist Church (http://batterseasc.

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