Thursday, January 19, 2017

We are still getting the final details of the event in Kent on the 4th February and we will be posting it in due course.  We are determined to start a sanctuary proper this year and are appealing for help.  The building her is what we  are looking for, but something similar will do.  It needs to be around the Essex/Hertforshire area of the UK....................... so please everyone keep an eye out for us.....funnily enough a friend in the United States ask me if I had ever tried "Go Find Me" - it was a typing error and she meant "Go Fund Me", but it has given me an idea that I would post this on here with the hope that someone can  go find me and I will be setting up a "Go Fund Me" site too. We are at  Barbara Barnes's small sanctuary on the Isle of Dogs and you are always assured a warm welcome at the "Island of Light".  On the 16th February starting at 6.30 pm and it is one of Barbara's Specials.   We are still sorting out the details of our next event at Epping the  "Day with Spirit" and we have a variety of workshops planned, which are just tasters "Mediumship and Me" with John Jenkins, "Writing with Spirit" with Angie Macleod.  I am still eagerly awaiting the titles for the other two workshops.  We are delighted that Michael Redwin will be leading a "questions and answers" session and is also our medium in the evening for the spiritual communication.  There will be readings and therapies available during the afternoon. Mediums available for readings will be Sam Prigmore, Alan Albiston, Daniel Wright, John Jenkins , Angie Macleod and Daniel Naughnane. Light refreshments will be available all day for a small donation.  We are always available for readings, group bookings and workshops.  We are also willing to travel.  We have various things for sale which have been crocheted or knitted and we will be running a new course soon called "Crafty Mindfulness Crochet" where students will learn a skill whilst practising mindfulness. We really do need some help and any ideas or suggestions will be greatly valued.  We can be contacted on 07767 137377 or emailed on  I would also like to do two recommendations the first is Cynthia Ellsworth who does some lovely work so please take a look at her website and if you need anything unique then contact her.  My second recommendation is Robin Jez who does online readings by email or messenger and can be contact on and she charges $20.  She will also be doing some interesting workshops too on love and when we get our sanctuary we will be inviting Robin to come and do one here.  Meanwhile those of you interested can email Robin and she will give you the details when she has organised them,  Finally until our next post I am posting some pictures of our crochet and knitted items.  Have a lovely week and keep warm everybody and if you can help in anyway please message us

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