Saturday, January 28, 2017

We are still searching for our place to be as well as a place to set up our sanctuary and with this in mind we have set up a just giving crowd funding request and yes it is lovely to receive donations, but more we are trying to make inroads into creating this and tell the universe to help us manifest it  We will continue to knit and crochet as a way to help fund the sanctuary plus giving readings and running workshops, but what we really need is a permanent venue where not only can we run courses, but let other people have space to do therapies at a reasonable cost.  So please just share so we get the message out there. We will out the link at the end of this post. Here as promised are the details of the event in Kent, which is on the 4th February and starts at 12 noon finishing at 5 pm  " A Holistic and Psychic Fayre", where we will be doing readings  The Plough, 65 High Street, Wilmington, Dartford, DA2 7BW.  The event is being run by Sue and Peter Coles.  Following this we will be at Barbara Barnes's little sanctuary the "Island of Light"  doing readings on the 12th February., which start at 6.30 pm - come early as they are always popular. Readers will be Daniel Naughnane, Trevor Christian, Patsy Anderson, Alan AlbistonSam Prigmore and myself.  Both of these events I am sure will be popular so why not treat yourself to a reading. I would also like to recommend who is film maker so if you need a promotion film made this your lady. Don't forget that we now have vacancies in the awareness group being run at South Woodford Spiritual Church on Tuesday evening.  We have an awareness group from which you can progress into Sharon Law's open circle and on the same evening we have a closed circle.  So please come and see if this is your cup of tea.  I would also like to recommend the North Weald Healing Centre, which has a wonderful atmosphere and I understand is held on a Friday from 1pm starting with healing followed by an afternoon of spiritual communication at 3pm.  We had the pleasure of going yesterday afternoon with our friend Alan Albiston and we were made very welcome.  The address is North Weald Village Hall, North Weald, Essex CM16 6BU.  I am sure you will be made really welcome as we were.This is our link to our just giving site please share 

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