Monday, January 2, 2017

I am determined to write up dates one the blog at least once a week in 2017 and we hope all of you have experienced a good start to 2017. We have been tackling the job I hate most and that is our accounts.  We have almost finished them for which we are truly grateful.  I say each year I will write them in weekly, but it never happens and therefore we have our annual urgency.   As I said in our last post our first workshop at Epping is one the 26th February and will start at 2 pm with Jacci and Les Fuller - its a Shamanic Workshop and the cost is £15.  Our next big event will be "A Day with Spirit" on the 11th March, which will be a fun day we have mini workshops with Linda Fergusson, Angie Macleod, Sam Prigmore and John Jenkins.   Sam Prigmore will be doing a workshop entitled "Personal Development with the Law of Attraction" and I will be announcing the rest as I get the titles.  Our question and answer session will be with Michael Redwin as will our evening of clairvoyance and Michael has a wealth of experience and knowledge, which he is only too willing to share as those of you who have attended his workshops will know.  We will add other titles as we get them.   Our new circle will start on the 10th January at Woodford Church that is to say there will be a closed circle which is by invitation only and an awareness group. I will be taking one and Daniel will be taking the other.  The idea is that members of the awareness group can progress to the open circle then move on to the closed circle.  People in our closed circle when they are ready will be given the opportunity to either run a mini workshop or go on the platform or do a talk.  Sharon Law is the tutor of the open circle and will be delighted to have people progress there when they are ready.  We are still selling our crochet and knitted items to help swell the funds of the sanctuary.  These on this blog are our latest offerings and we will also be making more as the year progresses.  If you are interested in buying a meditation CD at £10 plus postage or having a reading please email us at or ring or text 07767 137377.  We are also willing to travel and do workshops.  As I said in my previous post -  send out unconditional love and do a good deed every day - even a smile will brighten someone's day. 


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