Sunday, January 8, 2017

I hope everyone is having a good start to 2017.  Unfortunately we are not as we are hearing stories of such sad events and our hearts go out to all those of you going through these traumas.  We also hope you are all keeping warm as it has turned very cold in some parts of not only the United Kingdom, but the United States, Canada and parts of Europe.  We are still setting our sights on moving and at long last establishing a proper teaching sanctuary along with healing for both animals and humans plus a drop in café for those who are lonely as well as needing someone to talk to about their troubles.  Our dear friend Neil in Wales has started making a recovery and we know this will continue until he is back to his old self.  Our two latest gnomes Winter and Winslow have gone off on their gnome sticks and I am pleased to report Winslow landed safe and sound yesterday.  Hopefully Winter will arrive tomorrow.  As I have said previously we have not got any bookings until the 12th February when we are at Barbara Barnes's little sanctuary the Island of Light in the Westferry Road where we are doing readings for her special.  Starts at 6.30 pm so come along and treat yourself to a reading. We keep clear of the earlier part of the year as we live on a slope and I am cautious having osteoporosis about falling.    Our first event at Epping is on March 11th as unfortunately Les and Jacci Fuller had to cancel their event in February and its now rescheduled for Apri 15th.  Getting back to March 11th we now have confirmed two mini workshops and they are with Angie Macleod "Writing with Spirit" and John Jenkins "Me in Mediumship" plus a questions and answer session with Michael Redwin and as lots of you know not only is Michael an excellent teacher he is extremely knowledgeable in spiritual matters.  Sam Prigmore and Linda Fergusson will be letting me know in due course.  Amongst those doing readings and healing on the day will be Daniel Wright, Alan Albiston, Sam Prigmore, Linda Fergusson and Angie Macleod.  We of course will be available too.  If any of you want to book readings we are available for group books plus one to ones and telephone readings.  Equally for workshops as well as ready to sell our knitted items.  Please email or ring 07767 137377.

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