Friday, January 13, 2017

We hope everyone is keeping warm and none of you are snowbound.  Please keep safe and warm. We are hoping to make our first event the 4th February, which is a holistic and psychic fayre in Wilmington near Dartford.  I will give you full details in our next post as we are hoping this inclement weather does go into next month.  Following this is an event at Barbara Barnes's small sanctuary on the Isle of Dogs and you are always assured a warm welcome at the "Island of Light".  On the 12th February starting at 6.30 pm and it is one of Barbara's Specials.  Following this our first event at Epping will now be our "Day with Spirit" and we have a variety of workshops planned, which are just tasters "Mediumship and Me" with John Jenkins, "Writing with Spirit" with Angie Macleod.  I am still eagerly awaiting the titles for the other two workshops.  We are delighted that Michael Redwin will be leading a "questions and answers" session and is also our medium in the evening for the spiritual communication.  There will be readings and therapies available during the afternoon. Mediums available for readings will be Sam Prigmore, Alan Albiston, Daniel Wright, John Jenkins , Angie Macleod and Daniel Naughnane. Light refreshments will be available all day for a small donation.  We are always available for readings, group bookings and workshops.  We are also willing to travel.  We have various things available to buy in the way of knitted items and our latest is the small elf in the picture above (although this one isn't available to travel at the moment) and also a variety of gnomes.  We also have of course our CD for sale.  Please ring us on 07767 137377 or email us at  or on our website

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